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Adopt the humpback whales Salt  and Colt to support Cetacean Society International

CSI's adoption program is unique  because you actually get to meet your adopted whale on a special and unbelievable DVD included with your adoption package. Meet Salt and Colt on this clip.



Salt: The First Humpback Whale Named

Salt is a great-grandmother with 13 calves and 11 grandcalves.  The picture below is of the most famous tail in the world and yet she wasn't named for her tail pattern.  She was named for her white dorsal fin that looks like someone dumped salt on her back.



She was the first whale to be given a name on the East Coast of the United States and has been seen every year since 1975.  She has also been sighted in the Caribbean where she gives birth after a 1500 mile migration.


For questions pertaining to adoptions please contact
Dan at adoptions@csiwhalesalive.org


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Colt: The World's Friendliest Whale

Colt the friendliest whale in the world.

This 33 year old whale has been seen frequently since he was a young calf, approaching boats moving slowly past him, he attained a reputation for getting very close to the boat, blowing on people and splashing them with his flippers.  This appears to be his way of interacting or communicating with people.


Colt's rounded dorsal fin

Colt has a very round dorsal fin which is large and sways back and forth with the waves.


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